About the DPRK Website Guide

Seeing as we do not have an about section on our website, I have decided to do a blog about who and what the website is about.

Our team’s personal interest in North Korea goes back a long way. It includes tour operators, guides, consultants, and just people with an uncanny interest in the DPRK.

When it comes to the websites of the DPRK, we find that they offer an interesting if not somewhat rare glimpse into this fascinating country.

Sadly though information of the websites of North Korea is somewhat scant, with the list done by NorthKoreaTech being arguably the best, and certainly a resource that we took inspiration from.

This list (whilst extremely good) also links to only some companies, as well as various nonofficial sites that purport to being official.

We’ve designed our site and blog to be regularly updated, and to have its finger on the pulse for the ever-changing North Korean internet scene.

Our group is also aiming for this site to be part of our wider DPRK Guide project. A project with a large number of participants, who’s aim is to create the most informative guide to one of the most secretive countries on earth. Our website guide is hopefully just the first in a number of websites for this.

We have taken pains to keep the North Korean website list as accurate as possible, and have removed a lot of dead links from other sites. We have also tried to focus mainly on websites based in Pyongyang, with the .kp domain, followed by websites run by North Korea (but outside of its territory), whilst minimizing links to external pages, or projects, unless we feel they are of specific interest to the DPRK watchers out there.

When it comes to the numerous anti-DPRK websites, we’ve simply decided to steer clear. If people want that, it is easy enough to find!