Included here are a number of interesting cultural websites about North Korea that cover a wide range of subjects such as cooking, sports, and films. We have avoided foreign-based organizations such as the Korean Friendship Association, or the various study groups.



With content available in 9 languages, this is the ultimate cultural exchange website. Officially, it is about the political, economic, cultural, and other affairs of the DPRK.

Korean Association of Cooks

Want to learn how to cook food the North Korean way? This website lists hundreds of recipes for North Korean cuisine. You’ll need to know Korean to navigate the site.

North Korean Sports

This website appears to be down currently, but it once served as the main site for sports in the DPRK.

Friends of Korea

Officially, this is website promoting friendship with North Korea, but it seems to merely repost news from other organizations in English. It is not to be confused with the Korean Friendship Association.

Korean Film Corporation

A website for North Korean film production, which also serves as the official site for the Pyongyang International Film Festival. The site’s content is in Korean and English. Tourists (regardless of who they visit with) are welcome at the Pyongyang International Film Festival.

Korean Books

The only official Pyongyang-based company to sell publications of the DPRK. It is not exactly e-commerce friendly, but it comes in 9 languages and is a generally well working site.