A number of the top educational establishments in North Korea have very informative websites. We have also included some cultural-related websites to help beef up the list!


Kim Il Sung University


Kim Il Sung University is by far the most important university in North Korea. The website is in both Korean & English, and it lists research done by the university, as well as information about studies.

Kim Chaek University of Technology


The website of North Korea’s main technological university, named after the Korean war hero Kim Chaek (who also has a city named after himself). The site lists lots of information about computer programs and international cooperation from the university.

Korean Association of Social Studies


A Korean association for study of the Juche idea. The website is very informative and is available in Korean, Russian, English, French, Spanish, and even Japanese.



A website introducing North Korean achievements in the science and technology sectors. The site is available in Korean and English.