Everything you need to know about .KP

The ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) for the DPRK (North Korea) is .KP

Background to .KP

North Korea was one of the last UN countries (aside from new ones) to assigned a ccTLD after not meeting various criteria. It was eventually awarded on September 24th 2007.

Who runs .KP

It was originally ran by the German based Korean Computer Centre, but is now ran by Pyongyang based Star Joint-Venture, a DPRK-Chinese JV.

How many websites are hosted in North Korea?

There are approximately 30 or so domains using .kP or related subdivisions, most of which should be listed here. The first website to do so was KCNA, the Korean Central News Agency.

Can I register a North Korean website?

Sadly there is no commercial sales of .kp and it is reserved for state-run North Korean enterprises.

And that’s the .KP story!