North Korea produces a number of digital news publications in many languages, both from Pyongyang and abroad. We have also listed most major non-biased news outlets related to North Korea, such as NK News, and others.


Korean Central News Agency

The KCNA is the primary state-run media organization for the DPRK. The website is a little dated, but reliable, and has stories in Korean, English, Russian, and Spanish. Content is generally posted daily, and this can be considered the main propaganda outlet for North Korea.

The Rodong Sinmun

The Rodong Sinmun is the main daily newspaper in North Korea, and the main mouthpiece of the ruling Workers Party of Korea. There are PDF versions of the daily version s of the newspaper. The website is reliable and available in Korean, Chinese, and English language.

The Pyongyang Times

The Pyongyang Times is the only English language newspaper produced on a daily basis, and is probably one of the most purchased souvenirs by tourists to North Korea. The website is pretty good by DPRK standards and is updated daily.

Voice of Korea

The Voice of Korea is the Korean communist equivalent to Voice of America. They broadcast in 9 languages and there’s a lot of recordings you can listen to on their site. It gives you a real feel for how North Korean propaganda works.

Grand National Unity

A website for the North Korean radio broadcasting station targeted at Japanese and South Korean citizens. There is no English content on the site.

Ryugyong Programming Center

A very interesting new website in Korean, Chinese, Russian, English, French, and Spanish. It focuses on videos & photos from North Korea, and is updated less frequently than others.


Choson Sinbo

An online news source created by the Chongryon organization which represents the North Koreans of Japan. The site formerly published English language articles, but is now available exclusively in Japanese and Korean.


One of the most interesting websites on the list. It is based in China, and publishes news snippets from North Korea as well as original content mostly attacking the West. They publish in Korean, Chinese, English, Russian, and Japanese. They also previously ran a number of social media accounts.


NK News

NK News is the most important website for North Korean watchers, having not only the most in-depth coverage, but also arguably being the most neutral.