Simply put, any North Korean website that doesn’t fit into the other categories. Also major non-North Korean based, or operated websites that would be of interest to North Korean academics, as well as casual observers.

Korean Friendship Association

An organization based out of Spain with a fairly intense website and various chapters. It is sometimes painted as government agency, but they are an independent company. The organization runs expensive travel programs, and are involved in business constancy.

DPR-Korea New Zealand

Independent of the Korean Friendship Association, and of interest if you happen to live in New Zealand and be curious about the DPRK.

Ryugyong Hotel Guide

If you have more than a passing interest in the worlds tallest unoccupied building, then this is the website for you!

Retro DPRK

One of the most interesting websites pertaining to the DPRK. Their aim is to compile all retro propaganda from 1945 onward, and there is a lot of fascinating content available.

Mass Games

Information page about the mass games of North Korea, including history and how to visit in its current incarnation of the Glorious Fatherland.

DPRK 360

A pictorial project by Singaporean photographer Aram Pan. The website is a bit dated, but the photo project is overall very good nonetheless.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology

PUST (as the cool kids call it) has been included here rather than in education as it is a slightly different organization. The only “private” university in North Korea. Most of the foreign teachers are Christian, but there is no religion taught here.