The Ryugyong Hotel Websites

As the tallest unoccupied building in the world, the iconic Ryugyong Hotel gets a fair bit of stuff written about it, and quite a lot of internet traffic! On our website list we’ve deliberately ignored the many silly articles written about the hotel by people such as the Daily Mail, who famously dubbed it the “Hotel of Doom”.

Here though we would list some decent blogs about the site, as well as link to a few other domains.

This is one of the older websites to be about the Ryugyong Hotel, and for a long time was the number one hit on Goggle when you researched the hotel. It still pulls in at the top ten. The website is extremely dated though, and seems to exist simple to get a little bit of AdSense money for its owner.

This blog is exclusively about the Ryugyong Hotel. It has much more information than the .com version, and additionally, a blog feature that is at least updated every few weeks or so.

Young Pioneer Tours have a good blog about the hotel, again dealing its history, and the hopes for its future. They also post a lot of photos on their Instagram whenever the building is lit up.

Koryo Tours are famously the only people to have been up the hotel, not related to the project, although this was not done with a tourist group, If you see pictures of the inside of the hotel it was probably them that wrote it.

Visit the DPRK also has a very extensive blog about the history of the Ryugyong written by Tom Fowdy that is well worth a read.

Did we leave any that you think should be mentioned off?